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  – Q1 2021: Quarterly Review & Updates

The economy is now in full sprint, after being “Off to the Races”, as we wrote a month ago. Payroll jobs surged by 1.07 million in March, including upward revisions to prior months, and additional mega-sized jobs gains are likely in the coming months, as vaccinations continue to roll out rapidly and the economy reopens.

Consistently, stocks had a terrific month with the S&P gaining 4.2%, while bonds got crushed, as we’ve been warning, with the 10-year Treasury soaring 81 basis points in yield (admittedly even faster than we anticipated). We expect all of these trends to continue in the second quarter.

The macro story is actually quite straightforward. As vaccinations inoculate ever larger fractions of the population, governments will permit more businesses to reopen, and people will be anxious to get back to their lives.

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An Introduction to ACM

  • What are the benefits of a managed account?

    At Advisors Capital Management, we live by the maxim that no two investors are alike. That’s why we offer private separate accounts with individual portfolios constructed to satisfy the full range of sophisticated needs and objectives as well as reflect your client’s personal values. From managing concentrated stock positions to ensuring tax efficiencies, we invest client assets with meticulous attention to detail.

  • How we can help you?

    It’s our job to team with you in all aspects of your business.  We want to take a solution-oriented approach to you and your clients rather than offering any specific product. It’s important for us to understand how you do business and to offer ideas based on several factors, including what’s working for other advisors.
    Our process is an intellectual, efficient client-need-focused method that’s meant to save you time.


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