More Choices for Retirement Accounts

ACM’s PathFinder is available through the participant’s self-directed brokerage
account option and offers the participant the opportunity to access the combined
expertise of a dedicated financial advisor and a professional asset management firm.

Professional, Flexible, and Independent

We’re focused on delivering solutions to advisors and their clients.  Help your clients beyond their employer offering by:

  • Providing a selection of allocation models based on their individual risk tolerances and investment objectives.
  • Creating a plan that includes their broader financial goals and priorities.
  • Offering proactive support and guidance.
  • Engaging with participants through ongoing planning discussions.

How It Helps Your Clients

  • Easy to Use

Investors are kept informed and on-track with with a seamless custodial experience.  Client assets remain with the employer plan.

  • Help Plan

By creating a overall plan that includes their broader financial goals, priorities and the full landscape of their investments.

  • Investment Support

By having professionals manage participant investments and proactively engage with participants along the way, clients receive support in ways previously not available.

  • Stay On Track

The goal of retirement is kept in focus by engaging participants through ongoing planning discussions.

How It Helps You

  • Better Compliance

ACM is hired by the participant to manage the SDBA, acknowledging the relationship, compensation and risk expectations.

  • New Introductions

PathFinder SDBA provides new investment solutions to employees and therefore, new opportunities for advisors to reach new clients.

  • Streamlined Effort

Analyze current plan allocations, recommend solutions, and measure progress, all in one easy place.

  • Asset Retention

Easy transition of plan assets as client changes employment or retires.

It’s a Whole New World

ACM’s PathFinder is built to support your business.  We work hand in glove with investment advisors to not only create solutions, but to give clients the information they need to be in control. While the financial advisor is responsible for the day-to-day administration of client specific accounts, we regularly communicate through multiple channels to offer our expert analysis of global and domestic economic and market events.