Individual Securities

At Advisors Capital, we live by the maxim that no two investors are alike. Guided by this mindset, we create customized all-cap portfolios of individual securities, designed to accommodate any investment objective.



We search for investments that offer above-average returns and growth prospects that aren’t reflected in the price. Put simply, we look for good companies without overpaying for them. With a “best-ideas” approach that leverages intellectual capital to manage our investment process, we invest clients’ assets based on the answers to four core questions:  

  1. What is the upside potential? 
  2. What is the downside potential?
  3. How much income will it produce? 
  4. Will it make the client more tax-efficient?

This methodology allows us to take each investor’s unique needs into account and to position them for financial success, in a way that maps to their individual goals, circumstances, and values.   


While mutual funds and exchange traded funds (ETFs) offer a viable approach to investing for some, we believe that custom-crafted portfolios of 50 to 70 individual securities offer more profound benefits, including: 

Greater tax

With an individual securities approach, investors own their own cost basis, which means we can tax loss harvest on their behalf. With the freedom to sell one security and replace it with a similar one, we help clients offset taxes on both gains and income to maintain an optimal asset allocation without giving up return.


By building portfolios of individual securities, we give investors more of a say in where they invest their money—so they can align their investment strategy to their personal ethics and core values.

The freedom
to evolve

With tailored portfolios of individual securities, investors not only have more control over which investments they own based on what’s important to them and their unique risk threshold, but also the flexibility to make changes to those holdings as their objectives change. 

Greater returns
through yield targeting

Advisors Capital builds private accounts of individual securities that target yield for each investor based on their unique objectives to ensure they realize their expected returns while balancing risk.

A more tax-efficient way
to make donations

With private accounts of individual holdings, clients have the option to gift specific securities to the charities of their choice, tax-free.

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