• Will the Dollar Always be Mighty?

    Our ACM International ADR and Global strategies feature unique, high-quality international companies, many of which do not have a U.S.-based equivalent or competitor. This is the most important reason for investing in ADRs in my mind, and given that the overwhelming majority of our clients are U.S.-based, this foreign-focused strategy expands a typical investor’s opportunity…

  • What’s Different This Time?

    The S&P 500 continues to make new highs and the economy is reopening at a rapid pace. A great deal of this is likely due to the successful Covid vaccination rollout – everyday we’re getting that much closer to normal. As well, the Fed’s current accommodative monetary policies remain firmly entrenched. And Congress just passed…

  • Infrastructure and Productivity

    President Biden recently announced the outline of his much-anticipated American Jobs Plan, commonly referred to as the “Infrastructure Bill”. Despite a name that aspires to benign bipartisanship common to pieces of legislation, it has unsurprisingly failed to avoid the level of debate and scrutiny one would expect of a $2.3 trillion government spending package. One…

  • How investors can approach the semiconductor stocks

    Click yellow play button to watch here or use this link to open. Despite the global chip shortage, a number of semiconductor stocks were up sharply year-to-date as of Monday morning, outperforming the S&P 500. JoAnne Feeney, partner and portfolio manager at Advisors Capital Management, joined “Squawk Box” on Monday to discuss how investors can…

  • Consumer staples are ‘hidden gems’ in the growth trade: Portfolio manager

    Advisors Capital Management Partner and Portfolio Manager, JoAnne Feeney, said investors were too quick to shift from growth to value, adding that there are several lucrative growth opportunities in places where many aren’t looking- consumer staples. Click here to watch on BNN Bloomberg The foregoing content reflects the opinions of Advisors Capital Management, LLC and…

  • Chip Shortage Will Last Into 2022, Says Advisors Capital Management’s Feeney

    JoAnne Feeney, Advisors Capital Management Partner, discusses the chip shortage and sees it lasting into 2022. She speaks with Emily Chang on “Bloomberg Technology.” (Source: Bloomberg)

  • S&P Closes at a Record as Fed Plans to Stick with Easing Policy

    The S&P narrowly hits a record close on Wednesday as stocks ended the day mixed. Chuck Lieberman, Co-Founder and Chief Investment Officer at Advisors Capital Management, says expectations for the economy continue to rise as the U.S. economy continues to reopen.

  • Advisor Capital’s JoAnne Feeney on the recovery trade

    Click yellow play button to watch! JoAnne Feeney, Partner and Portfolio Manager at Advisors Capital Management, joins Worldwide Exchange to discuss how she is playing the recovery trade, and what sectors stand to benefit.

  • Full Sprint!

    The economy is now in full sprint, after being “Off to the Races”, as we wrote a month ago. Payroll jobs surged by 1.07 million in March, including upward revisions to prior months, and additional mega-sized jobs gains are likely in the coming months, as vaccinations continue to roll out rapidly and the economy reopens….