Model Accounts

Buy securities for the investor, not for a fund.
Access the benefits of individualized accounts.


Advisors Capital Model Accounts provide transparency, focused investing and cost efficiency.

Make sure your clients know what they own and own what makes sense for them.  Graduate your clients from the inefficiencies of mutual fund investing.

We work for you

At Advisors Capital, we work hand in glove with you to not only create tailored solutions for your clients, but to give you the information you need to understand all aspects of our portfolios.

Individual Stocks

Individual Cost Basis

No Mutual Funds


Our analysts make up an important part of our investment management team. In coordination with our Portfolio Managers, our analysts model macro and micro economic conditions, as well as individual companies. Our fundamental approach requires an in-depth analysis of every security covered to determine what sort of position to take with that security.


Investors today are more informed than ever. They want the transparency to understand how investment decisions are made and how global events impact their investments. Our marketing team provides a unique set of tools and communication methods to help keep advisors and their clients informed about their portfolios. From weekly commentary e-mails to quarterly webinars, our market insights are always available.

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personalized portfolios that align seamlessly with your clients’ financial plans.