Help Your Clients Cash Flow Needs with This High-Yield Income Approach

Thanks to advances in modern medicine, people are living longer than ever before. We’re also seeing changes in the way people live their lives and spending their money in their retirement. Though all positive indicators of societal progress, it also means that many investors run the risk of outliving their money. Inflation, another cog in this complex wheel, introduces an additional layer of uncertainty that even the most seasoned investors might find daunting to navigate.

ACM takes a different approach to long-term financial planning—one that accounts for shifting factors and evolving economic nuances to help investors produce consistent long-term income.

We can help your clients navigate these complexities

At ACM, we’ve developed a customized income strategy designed to provide a high level of income from your clients’ investments despite the ongoing economic headwinds—without requiring them to sell their underlying assets to meet distributions.

Picture an apple orchard. Much like the way an orchard can grow a crop of apples, our Income with Growth strategy is designed to produce a recurring annual crop of dividends and interest.

In this resource, we delve into the intricacies of this proven strategy, including:

  • How it works and why it’s uniquely effective
  • Risks that can affect your clients’ retirement income—and how to mitigate them
  • How the income orchard is built, complete with specific target allocations
  • How the generated cash can be used
  • And more…

Developed with your clients’ individual palates in mind, this resource is easy to digest, offering a clearly articulated description of our approach. Download the resource today.

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