BNN Bloomberg: Cashing in on love


February 13, 2024

BNN Bloomberg: Cashing in on love

By Advisor Capital Management
JoAnne Feeney, partner and portfolio manager at Advisors Capital Management, joins BNN Bloomberg to talk about a stock to date, marry and the one that got away. The foregoing content reflects the opinions of Advisors Capital Management, LLC and is subject to change at any time without notice....

Betting vs. Investing

Randall Coleman
February 12, 2024
By Randall Coleman, Portfolio Manager, CFA By the time you read this, Super Bowl LVIII will be history and the sports gods will have decided which...

Episode 15: Oops He Did It Again

Advisor Capital Management
February 6, 2024


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    The Recession is Cancelled

    Dr. Charles Lieberman
    February 5, 2024
    By Dr. Charles Lieberman, Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer The economy may have picked up some steam recently, although a strengthening of...

    Fixed income should work in 2024 regardless of Federal Reserve action

    Kevin Kelly
    January 29, 2024
    By Portfolio Managers: Kevin Kelly & Kevin Strauss We find corporate bonds yielding over 5% compelling in the current economic environment,...

    Not So Fast

    Paul Broughton
    January 22, 2024
    By Paul Broughton, Portfolio Manager Investors, in general, are bullish as we’re getting started in 2024.  The oft-mentioned soft-landing seems...

    European Equities May Pay for Your European Vacation

    David Ruff
    January 16, 2024
    By David Ruff, Portfolio Manager In our September 2022 commentary titled “European Equities – Winter is Coming?”, we highlighted the...

    Episode 14: Is the Money Market Party Over?

    Advisor Capital Management
    January 12, 2024
    Episode 14: Is the Money Market Party...

    CNBC : Joanne Feeney, partner & portfolio manager

    Advisor Capital Management
    January 8, 2024
    Joanne Feeney, Advisors Capital Management partner and portfolio manager, and Michelle Girard, NatWest Markets head of U.S., join ‘Squawk...

    Steady As She Goes

    Dr. Charles Lieberman
    January 8, 2024
    By Dr. Charles Lieberman, Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer The economy seems to have settled down into a steady expansion.  It remains to...

    Dr. Charles Lieberman, Co-founder & CIO, on Bloomberg Surveillance 12/29/2023

    Advisor Capital Management
    January 2, 2024
    Dr. Lieberman’s segment begins at 1:43:45. Carol Massar, Katie Greifeld and Manus Cranny have the economy and the markets “under...

    Recession is not on the horizon, says Advisors Capital’s Chuck Lieberman

    Dr. Charles Lieberman
    December 27, 2023
    Dr. Charles Lieberman, Co-founder and CIO of Advisors Capital Management, joins ‘Squawk on the Street’ to discuss why the economy is strong and...