Market Commentary

November 13, 2023


By Paul Broughton
By Paul Broughton, Portfolio Manager In mid-July, the Goldman Sachs Financial Conditions Index hit a 2023 year-to-date low (i.e., loose) and a few days later, we saw the S&P 500 reach it’s 2023 high of about 4,589. When financial conditions are loose, it typifies a bullish environment...

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Is A Soft Landing in the Offing?

Dr. Charles Lieberman
November 6, 2023
By Dr. Charles Lieberman, Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer Hiring has slowed, but it is yet to be determined if it has moderated enough or...

The Great Fall of China?

David Ruff
October 30, 2023
By Portfolio Manager, David Ruff In correction mode since mid-Summer, global equities slumped 10.12% for the three months ending October 27th. ...

Political Meddling: Just Another Feature of the Investing Environment

Dr. JoAnne Feeney
October 23, 2023
By Partner & Portfolio Manager, Dr. JoAnne Feeney Economists regularly plead for politicians to seek efficiency in the pursuit of any fiscal...

Retail is Currently Broken

Randall Coleman
October 16, 2023
By Portfolio Manager, Randall Coleman, CFA Disturbing headlines like these are  practically a daily occurrence. It seems as though retail is under...

Thoughts About the Middle East

Dr. Charles Lieberman
October 9, 2023
By Dr. Charles Lieberman, Co-Founder & Chief Investment Officer I will focus on the investment implications of the war in Gaza rather than the...

Don’t Ignore 6% Yields

Kevin Kelly
October 2, 2023
By Portfolio Managers, Kevin Kelly & Kevin Strauss With interest rates at post global financial crisis highs, fixed income currently provides...

September Stress

Paul Broughton
September 25, 2023
By Paul Broughton, Portfolio Manager Equities have weakened and interest rates have risen since the end of July. Pro-cyclical stocks have sold...

What Happens in Vegas…

David Ruff
September 18, 2023
By Portfolio Manager, Dave Ruff, CFA Living in Reno, Nevada, my wife and I frequent a few favorite restaurants located in casinos. Our routine...

Profits Really Are King

Dr. JoAnne Feeney
September 11, 2023
By Partner & Portfolio Manager, Dr. JoAnne Feeney The last several quarters have shown that shifts in macroeconomic forecasts, such as economic...

Headed in the Right Direction

Dr. Charles Lieberman
September 5, 2023
By Chief Investment Officer & Co-Founder, Dr. Charles Lieberman The latest employment report suggests that the economy is headed in the direction...

Active Management Matters in Fixed Income

Kevin Kelly
August 28, 2023
By Portfolio Managers, Kevin Kelly & Kevin Strauss The past five years have highlighted the importance of active management in fixed income...

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