The ACM Difference

Today, investors are more informed than ever. They won’t settle for a black box solution that generates average returns. Investors should understand how investment decisions are made.

In an uncertain world, clients want to know how global events impact their investments.

At Advisors Capital Management, we work hand in glove with investment advisors to not only create tailored solutions, but to give clients the information they need to be in control. While the financial advisor is responsible for the day-to-day administration of client specific accounts, we regularly communicate through multiple channels to offer our expert analysis of global and domestic economic and market events.

Customized Portfolios

Your clients will have their own individual security holdings with their own cost basis and customized risk parameters.

All Cap Value

As a value manager we will move between company capitalizations to find appropriate investments.

Cost & Tax Efficiency

Fees and expenses will continue to be a guiding concern with clients.  By limiting pooled investing vehicles we can eliminate expenses associated with mutual funds and ETFs.


High net worth investors most frequently cite transparency as a very important differentiation feature when looking for an advisor.

Unparalleled Communication

Weekly and quarterly news driven discussions with our affiliated advisors ensure that all involved understand our approach to current markets and how we are managing accordingly.

A World Class Investment Committee

Clients prefer knowing that they are working with a deep bench of financial expertise. That’s the ACM Difference.

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